Twas the night before Christmas…

One day to go and the parts are starting to fall into place. Some of the parts are Stig, Monica & Martin, who landed in Vegas last night. They had managed to change planes at New York and squeeze in a sightseeing tour of the city. I know that Stig likes efficiency, but that he managed to cram in a complete tour of New York in six hours is beyond me :)

This morning started just like yesterday, with a buffet breakfast at the hotel. Stig, Lars-Göran, and I then went down to the expo, just a short walk from our hotel. There’s still a bit more touching up to be done on the used buckets that Gunnar and the excavator owner had with them. They aren’t the finest to show off, but we just have to make do. I just want to cry every time I think about all the new products that are stuck in Los Angeles harbor.

We were going to have such a great booth with our engcon system, the products we were going to show off on fine stands, and all the other things that Jens had picked out for us, and which are also stuck in the container. Though I know all about spilt milk, this time I may just have to shed some tears. While Stig and I tidied up the stand, Gunnar and Lars-Göran drove around town looking for everything from grease guns to paperclips to hold our temporary press release folders together. Around mid-morning, Monica and Martin also turned up, and, as usual, Monica fixed everything that was still unsolved.

I can’t be anything other than impressed by both Stig’s and Monica’s efficiency, in the way that they just get things done, without having to be told what to do and without needing to have a discussion about it. Maybe it’s due to their experience, having organized participation in several expositions.

The day continued with everyone getting on with work and I went over to the press center with our improvised press release folders. Here’s more proof that things never work out the way you planned: I had ordered press release folders from Strateg, which assigned the job to their employee Mia. She, in turn, was going to arrange the folder through a contact she has at the printer. When we opened the folders at the booth, it turned out that the folders were actually only a front and back cover. There were no pockets to put any information in. Once again an emergency solution had to be found, this time by stapling together our catalogue and the brochure we had produced.

At the end of the day I went to Hydrema’s booth and left some catalogues and other material that could be helpful if they received any queries about the tiltrotator they had on their railroad-equipped machine.

Around six o’clock (Swedish time) Martin was finished with his digging and we left the booth to the sound technicians, who would install our speaker equipment.

Roz from GES dropped by to check in and asked why she hadn’t heard anything from us for a few days. I explained that the help we had with the tent she had fixed was great and that we were managing OK for the time being.

So now we just have to focus on the big day tomorrow.

/ Sten


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