Travel = a chance to meet interesting people

On the flight between Stockholm and Chicago I sat beside a very pleasant youngster. His name was Oskar and he was from the Swedish town Köping; he was on his way to meet his girlfriend in San Diego. Oskar told me that he was studying political science in Uppsala and that during his youth in Köping, he had played Bandy and was sufficiently talented to play for the junior national team. Despite a wearying flight of many hours, the time passed very quickly as we talked about everything from sport to politics. If you read this Oskar, I would really like to thank you for good companionship.

Journey no. 3 for the day was between Chicago and Las Vegas. Here I was placed beside Lars-Göran (who for that matter was also pleasant company :) ) and beside Lars-Göran sat a very pleasant young lady, Angela – who was also by chance on the way to Conexpo. After a little small talk, it transpired that Angela was the daughter of a contractor with excavators, trucks, etc. in Wisconsin. The company excavates foundations, crushes granite, sells gravel, etc.

Angela told me that she is currently studying blasting technology, so that she can start working full time at her father’s company, along with her brothers. They currently buy in blasting, but want to be able to handle it themselves in the future when Angela has finished her education.

Another interesting thing was Angela explaining the climate in Wisconsin. It seems it is about as close as you can get to the climate in Strömsund. In addition, they seem to be completely crazy about snow scooters and Angela told me that many students use scooter to get to school, and that there is free parking for them to!!

Angela was very interested in what we had to show at Conexpo, so I look forward to visiting her & her family, who have it as a tradition to visit this expo to see the latest from within the branch.

/ Sten

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