Today we met Eng Con

I started my day at 6.55, walked down to the expo to get the excavator topped up with fuel. At exactly the agreed time, 7 o’clock, Alan Burgess turned up with his tanker. Alan works all through the year for expo organizer GES as a mechanic, and driving the tanker is just one of the many jobs he does for the company.

The expo opened and a whole load of visitors streamed through our booth, before I got to speaking with a pair of friendly guys who certainly seemed to like what they saw in our booth. We discussed just how much more efficient an excavator is, that you don’t need to perform so much manual labor any more, and that there’s money to save by using a tiltrotator.

When I then produced a baseball cap for both of them, they became extremely happy, since one of them also works for engcon…..????? Yes, he does actually. Alex Burnett works for Eng Con Holding in Edmonton, Canada. He normally operates a Case 580 CX backhoe and with him was his supervisor Jason Klapstein, who previously also worked as an excavator operator.

Alex Burnett

These guys were incredibly positive to the tiltrotator concept and they had already checked us out on our YouTube channel:

I asked Jason if I could interview him and get his impression of our concept and he didn’t hesitate one second.

Jason is a true machine-fans and operates a YouTube channel where he put up a lot of film on the machines. See

We also had a visit from Billy & Monty Reddig from Montana, who have seven years experience of engcon. They have a repair and service operation and one of their customers had heard about the engcon tiltrotator and had them order one and bring it home to him. Well that’s just what they did, bought one for their customer, and they’ve had very positive experience of it, since the customer has had seven years of trouble-free use despite some pretty tough use in rock and hard ground.

Billy Redding

I must say that I am very impressed by the American attitude to innovations, and their ability to see advantages in equipping their excavators with tiltrotators. During these days at the expo, I have only come across a few “doubters”. Just think how much this varies between different countries. I don’t want to name any in particular, but in certain countries there is considerably more skepticism around the tiltrotator concept and that makes it more difficult to spread the word.

Another pleasant meeting we had today was when Stig and I visited Magnus, Freddy, Tobias, etc. at the Tenstars booth, where they were busy ”digging away” with engcon in a number of the simulators that they build & sell. It’s a few years now since Magnus & I shook hands over our simulator, and a lot has undeniably happened since then.
I am impressed by how exact and natural everything has become and their offer of training in a simulator environment is definitely right just now. We decided that we should take yet another step in our cooperation, and that initially the Intermat in Paris next year would be our primary goal for increased cooperation.

Well, there’s only one day left now, so we’ll have to wait and see what that offers us.

Best regards. / Sten

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