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That wraps things up for this trip. This was the first time we participated in Conexpo in Las Vegas, one of the world’s three largest machine expositions. Considering the difficulties we had with all the expo products being stuck in the container at Los Angeles harbor and all of the things that never got to the expo, we had an amazing time. This was very much thanks to our friends and dealers in Los Angeles and Washington, who helped us with a massive amount of preparation and then with Plan B when it all went wrong on the home straight. Samuel and Samai fixed a spare excavator, and Gunnar, Saul, and Tait fixed everything from the proofreading of the catalog to all the other props that we needed. I don’t even want to know how many hundreds of miles Gunnar drove around in his pickup in Las Vegas on the day before the expo opened on Tuesday.

Saturday was the last day and it was quiet to say the least, with just a few visitors. I have personally participated in some 30 or so large expos during my years at engcon and I have never experienced a last day as quiet as this one. Gunnar explained that it was probably due to most people taking a day off from work to visit the expo, as opposed to Europe, where most people take the chance to visit during the weekend. This was one of many things that were new to me. To name a couple of the things I learned: we need to have considerably higher margins when it comes to goods transportation across the Atlantic and I have to be clearer when it comes to my communication with those whom I purchase services from and with our dealers whom we need help from.

Breaking down the booth

Stig “wrecking bar” Engström

Martin, Monica, Lars-Göran & Stig take a pause in the dismantling work.

The excavator loaded and on its way back to Washington

We view this expo as the kick-off for our U.S. campaign, which now starts in earnest, with all the hot leads that need to be followed up. All of these leads were really interested in continued contact so that, together with our dealers Dig Pro & X-attach, we can help them become more profitable in their digging. Considering how positive our visitors were, I have really high hopes for good results. There is usually a lot of skepticism about such a completely new product, but here I hardly felt any of that at all. On the contrary, our visitors were very positive to what they saw and many of them quickly understood how a tiltrotator would simplify their work.

I’d like to wrap up my Conexpo blog by thanking Lars-Göran, Stig, Monica, Martin, Gunnar, Saul, Tait, Samuel, and Samai for the formidable job you did. You have all been super efficient and our customers can hardly be anything but positive about their experience after visiting our booth.

I would also like to thank all of you in Strömsund once again, particularly Thore and Jens, who helped with the transportation.

Once again, thanks to Mia and everyone at Strateg, who had their noses to the grindstone to get our marketing material ready.

Naturally, I would also like to thank the visitors to our booth. I hope that you now understand our message and that we can help you to make your excavator even more profitable.

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Tait, Samai, Monica, Gunnar

Best regards / Sten

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