The eagle has landed

When we finally touched down in Las Vegas, the first we saw was naturally – a host of one-armed bandit. The airport was full of them. There was no doubt at all about where we had landed :)  I took a quick photo of Lars-Göran beside the welcome sign and we then went down to pick up our baggage.

And yes, of course what do we meet down there – a load more bandits, what else can one do while waiting for one’s bags? After a short wait (just right for a few spins of the wheel) our bags finally arrived. We found a cab and set off for our hotel – the Circus Circus – and checked in after an exhausting 26 hours travel. We took a quick look around the hotel.

Circus Circus turned out to be the right name, with a gigantic lower floor, completely filled with one arm bandits and gambling tables. The second floor had a small shopping mall and a small amusement arcade with a full-sized roller coaster, a smaller free-fall, a pirate ship, etc. etc. And oh yes – one armed bandits.

Despite the fact that we where more or less unconscious and in great need of sleep, we could not be other than impressed by what you can do with a hotel.

I must tell Svenna & Co in Strömsund what they can do with their hotel :)

/ Sten

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