On three; – one, two, three!

We should finally get a chance to get stuck into our booth building on Sunday, straight off from the morning.

Lars-Göran and I started directly with the sleeper construction, while Saul did a little investigation concerning the excavator, gravel and tent. After industrious hammering and anchoring, we had the sleeper border finished as far as it would go without shutting out the excavator.

The excavator finally arrived, an almost new case CX130 owned by contractor Dan Tapani’s firm, Excavating Battle Ground, Washington.

Samuel at X-attach fixed the machine as compensation for our missing demo excavator, which was without its tiltrotator due to – you guessed it – the container transport.

Unloading the excavator went without a hitch and GES where quickly in place with plywood in front of the excavator when I crawled it into our booth.

The gravel arrived directly after the excavator and things finally started taking shape.

I lifted the gravel inside our border and we could then nail in place the last parts of the sleepers, which then functioned as a separator around the demo area.

All of this was accompanied by the radio that sometimes played modern music and sometimes blared out advertising. Amongst other things we learned that at Pete’s Weapon Shop, you can try out everything from a pistol to a large machine gun. There were also campaigns for certain weapons. Not quite what one is used to hearing on the radio at home.

While we were busy moving gravel and building, Gunnar from Dig Pro came over and got stuck into touching up the paintwork on the buckets he had loaned us for the expo. By 7 in the evening we started to think that we finally had the situation under control and decided to go back to the hotel and get something to eat.

Tomorrow on Monday Stig, Monica and Martin will also join us and we can start to bring in the last of the things we need before the expo opens.

/ Sten

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