Inauguration day completed

Samuel Larsson and Samai Kuoppala from our dealer X-attach arrived this morning, they are also Scandinavians, like Gunnar. Samuel originally comes from Gällivare, and Samai borned in Canada with roths from Finland. In other words, the engcon boat is now fully manned and is about to sail the Conexpo route.

A quick breakfast and then away to the expo to check if we have got our TV, DVD player and loudspeakers connected up. The guys who fix the sound and vision were there rigging up the last few bits, so I could test the demo film directly. Why wasn’t I surprised? If the container hadn’t arrived as it should have, if everything else hadn’t functioned as it should, why should I believe that this would work? It seems that the DVD player could only read American format DVDs and not European format. My blood pressure rose to above the normal limit, I ARTICULATED CLEARLY that I wanted a DVD player that could play our discs. The guys scuttered rapidly away to check if anyone had a region-free player that could read our discs. One hour later, they are back with a player that works – blood pressure back to normal again. UUSH…

I’m now sitting in our hotel reading about regional coding on Wikipedia and this is what it says: “The best known example of regional coding is most probably the DVD format, where Europe is called “region 2” and North America “region 1”. A European DVD player will refuse to play DVDs from North America, and vice versa”. In other words – why just think that it will work. :)

We start putting up our street talkers, banners and other ad material and make sure that our one and only tiltrotator is shiny and clean. I make sure that everything is in place in the “sandbox” Martin and I are going to use, and test a few manoeuvres we want to show off. Everyone is on position and it’s just a case of opening up. The clock hasn’t even managed to reach 9 when the first visitors arrive at our booth. They’re a couple of contractors from Oregon, and they have never seen anything like it before. As usual there is a fair amount of dubiousness about our “Nordic” way of digging, but they are sufficiently interested to request additional information.

After a while, Per AB & Co from our ad bureau Strateg turn up with fresh American price lists that were printed in Örebro at the same time as they packed their bags. Per has also saved us on previous occasions with a “last minute” order that was sent to Bauma in a fully loaded XC60 from Örebro. :)

They day continues in roughly the same manner. Sometimes our booth is completely full of people who are very interested. But in between life calms down and we get a short pause in our “expo-ing”. We have a lottery where a number of interested participants will get the chance to test a tiltrotator free of charge for six months. The post box for the entry forms looks very full by the end of the day.

To summarize the first day, I would say it was very good, with lots of visitors and a number of hot leads that our dealers will contact directly after the expo. Among these are the father and brothers of Angela from Wisconsin, who we met on the plane from Chicago to Las Vegas. They quickly saw the advantages of the engcon tiltrotator and rapidly wrote their address on a competition form for the six months free test.

It seems like I was pretty highly strung on our first day, since I have hardly taken any pictures at all. You will have to make do with the few pictures I have found, amongst them a “class photo” of the gang who made this week possible.

Best regards / Sten

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