I want one of those!

It’s the third day of the expo today and it’s feeling better every day. We may not have had the most visitors, but like yesterday, there have been some really good contacts with contractors who can really see the advantage of our products.

As an example, we had a visit from Swedish descendant Mark Olson, of M. P. Olson Excavation Inc who directly understood the concept of an excavator + tiltrotator. Mark decided to try his luck with our competition, where a number of visitors will get the chance to test a tiltrotator free of charge for 6 months. Regardless of his luck in the draw, Mark declared that a tiltrotator would save his company both time and money.

Otherwise, the day rolled on in much the same way as yesterday. Contractors came and contractors went, and all were impressed with the flexibility of an excavator fitted with our products. The personnel manning our booth also got a chance to wander around the exposition and check things out, and it is very obvious that this event is BIG. Around 2,000 exhibitors make it the biggest and they are expecting about 200,000 visitors.

/ Sten

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