Everything is as usual…

No matter how you prepare, it will never end as expected. That engcon would be on ConExpo, one of the world’s three largest trade shows, was decided for approximately a year ago. We had all the time in the world!

The months passed by and we gradually started to prepare. We looked up what we had and what we needed. We prepared the staff. We looked over our marketing. We contacted our dealers in the U.S. and talked about our plans. We booked a stand. And more…

Things where starting to happen.

Hours, days & months went by and before you know it – everyone starts to contact us! Where are the catalogs? Where are the products? Are the freight booked? Are all export documents ready? And hundred other issues – AND everything is just as usual!

Further to our presence in practically all national & international trade shows in the last 10 years, it should all be routine nowadays. It’s not – every trade show has its own conditions.

We have reached the final days before D-day.

Yesterday we were informed that the ferry with our container, laden with brass goods, tiltrotator to the demo machine, banners & other booth decortations had problems. The ferry is 10 days late and the reason why the container never reached our heroes Gunnar and Saul from our distributator, Digpro Excavation, Inc. After 10 years of working with tradeshows I’m battle trained, but now I’m beginning to wonder how to solve this.

Plan B – check out what has been sold to the U.S. lately. And it’s time for our next hero – Samuel Larsson, who owns the X-attach and operates in the area around Washington. After a few phone calls Samuel announces that we have a ready-equipped excavator who goes to Las Vegas during Sunday or Monday.

And we dug a little deeper in our store at home in Strömsund, Sweden, and ordered some banners, posters and other decoration for the booth. We are going to take that as extra baggage when we fly – to send by air and rely on importation & customs, we will NOT! But I’ve been around for so long that I know things tend to be solved.

Of course, I want to tell you who you will meet in our booth:

Stig Engström, founder and CEO of engcon

Monica Engström, part owner of engcon

Martin Engström, young driver and a hell of pianist

Lars-Goran Stenberg, Marketing Manager, engcon Group

Sten Strömgren, Communication Manager and driver

Gunnar Ulander, born in Sweden and part owner of our dealer DigPro

Saul Jauregui, CEO Digpro

Tait Eyre, salesman DigPro

Samuel Larsson, CEO and salesman X-attach

Samai Kuoppala, salesman X-Attach

Finally, I would like to thank all who so far done everything possible to get our participation in ConExpo 2011 work as good as possible! Jens, Thore & co in Strömsund who helped pack the container and send it. Gunnar, Saul, Samuel for all the help with the goods receipt & much more ”over there”. Samuel, because you fixed the excavator so quickly. Mia, Jonny, Gunnar, Ing-Britt, Malin, Robert, Rick for all marketing work. Tomas for putting up with my mail-bombing! Ann-Britt for assistance with the flight and more.

If I have forgot someone, take part of a general THANK YOU!

Now I’ll go and get some stuff from our store and pack the last thing in my suitcase.

See you soon.

/ Sten

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