Building permit

Saturday morning started with a suitably greasy bacon and pancake breakfast in the casino bar. We then walked down toward the exposition to meet Saul for the first time, who is from our dealer “Dig Pro”. Saul turned out to be an energetic youngster with a used car sales background, who is now going to work with engcon’s product range in the Los Angeles area. He asked us to jump into his U-haul, a typical American panel truck of the more robust variety. In the back of the van Saul had DigPro’s own EC20, some fencing, sleepers, etc. that we are going to use to built our booth.

When we got to the expo, rigging our booth turned out to be easier said than done. It took a fair while before we could start, since our booth was at the outside of the expo field. The exhibitors with booths in the middle of the field must always start first, and the others then follow on as the show expands to the edges. This due to the cranes and trucks that are needed to build some of the booths, which are quite something else. It took more or less the whole day waiting for our neighbouring exhibitor Poseidon, who builds floating moorings and bridges of the larger variety. They had the use of both mobile cranes and fork lift trucks to move their stuff in place.

We spent the time trying to find a replacement tent instead of the one that was still stuck in a container in Los Angeles harbour. After a little investigation and a lot of phone calls, Saul finally got hold of Roz Ross from GES expo services. Roz turned out to be one of the exposition’s many service-minded assistants, and Roz had soon got hold of a tent for us, to be driven out to our booth on Sunday.

While we were out looking for a tent, we ran into another engcon tiltrotator at the exposition. It was fitted to a railroad-equipped Hydrema, which was to show off the concept, and we promised to come back to them with some brochures, so they could explain to their customers what it was that tilted & rotated.

We can’t do much more just now but wait until Poseidon’s booth construction has finished with its cranes and such. 15.00 – now things have started happening and we can finally start getting our material in. It’s driven in by GES personnel and we have soon started putting up the fencing & laying out the sleepers. When Saul’s U-haul has been emptied and we have built what we can, it’s time to call it quits for the evening.

It feels like we could continue considerably longer but we now need an excavator and some gravel in order to continue our booth construction. In other words – a new day tomorrow.

/ Sten

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