A good day

The expo has been really good today. Even if the booth hasn’t been completely full all the time, there has been a continuous flow of the “right” type of visitor – those who are really interested in our products. Ninety-nine percent of them had never seen a tiltrotator before and more than half of them seemed to understand the advantages. Although we are in a somewhat obscure location, it seems that the people who are interested in our products have found us.

For example, we had a visitor from Washington who owned thirty excavators and who immediately decided to test the tiltrotator on some of his machines. This means Samuel and Samai will have to arrange something for this new customer right after the expo. Everyone in the booth feels that it has been a good day. Martin had to do most of the operating alone since I was busy making sure the press packs didn’t run out at the press center. The press center is where the journalists go to collect information about the products being offered at the expo, and happily, all of our press packs from yesterday had been taken. I’ve also seen a number of journalists in our booth today, so it will be interesting to check out the American construction magazines after the expo.

We have also had some Swedish visitors come by and say hello: a bunch of folks from LBC in Varberg, some from Hälsingland, and some private contractors from various places. All of them seemed to be in a good mood, which is only to be expected when you mix their greatest interest–machines–with the best place in the world to have fun.

To summarize the day, I would say it was really good and I am now definitely looking forward to the three remaining days, which will undoubtedly result in even more visitors.

/ Sten

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